UTG Picatinny- Montageringe Stahl, 25,4mm low, RSW1104

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-aus dem Vollen gefräst

-gerillte Oberfläche innen

-eckiger Querpin für optimale Aufnahme der Kräfte in der Schiene

-abgeschrägte Kanten

-incl. Torx-Schlüssel

Material: Stahl

Ringdurchmesser: 25,4mm

Bauhöhe: low

Ringlänge: 16mm

Finish: schwarz matt nitriert

Detail Information:


• Upper and Lower Ring Portions Precision Machined from One Solid Block of Steel to Strict Tolerances for Optimal Fit
• Heat Treated QPQ Nitride Matte Black Finish for Strength and Added Weather and Wear Resistance
• Progressively Machined for a Precise Inner Ring Diameter to Achieve Optimal Tube Alignment; Grooved Inner Surface Guarantees Tube Retention
• Radiused Edges and Corners to Prevent Snagging, Scratching, or Tearing of Other Gear and for Effortless Access to Scope Windage and Elevation Turrets
• Utilizes Locking Torx Screws and Square-shaped Integral Recoil Stop for a Secure Zero Hold
• 22.7mm Center Height and Fits 1" Tube Optics with up to a 45 mm Outer Objective Diameter
• 2 Piece Ring Set, Each Equipped with 4 Top Torx Screws; Mounting Base Designed to Fit on MIL-STD-1913 Rail Platform
• Includes a T15 Torx Wrench for Simple and User Friendly Installation







Rail Type:


Profile Level:


Ring Diameter:

1 Inch

Ring Width:

16 mm


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